Italian leather handbags

Made in Venice - Italy

Modern Style Handbags

Classic and modern design meet here at Otello. 

These colorful handbags are designed with the most luxurious skins and combined with a modern Italian design.

✔ 100% Calfskin
✔ Two different shapes
✔ Zipped clousure / Magnetic clousure
✔ Side outer pocket
✔ Made in Italy by a small family-owned factory


Made in Venice - Italy

Hand-Made Mocassins

All our mocassins are in pure leather the full grain, leather construction molds to your foot with wear, and the Vibram rubber sole lets you walk comfortably for miles.

✔ 100% Lather
✔ Leather or rubber sole.
✔ Cozy Shoe Fit.

Leather moccasin

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leather moccasin white kyoto


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Made in Padova - Italy

Luxury Leather Boots

The finest leather and accessories selected by Otello can all be found in this collection.

Quality and comfort are main priority. We strive to accomplish this by using high-quality leather which will ensure quality and comfort. The leather we are using does not wear out. Instead, it develops a patina, which is a thin layer that protects the leather from damage from wearing or corroding. 


Quality & Comfort

Quality of materials and attention to detail have always been part of the work of Venetian artisans, recognized all over the world for the production of unique items. We strive to achieve this by using high quality leather that guarantees quality and comfort. The leather we use does not wear out easily, on the contrary, it develops a patina that protects the leather from damage caused by wear or corrosion.