Welcome to Otello

Brand Otello tells the story of a small craftsman and his skillful and wise hands.

With taste, creativity and patience, managed to transform each piece of leather into an admired and unique accessory.

The experience and passion that he transmitted to his children and us grandchildren, have allowed us to continue the family traditional artisan business started in 1947.

Today all this comes to you, offering a careful selection of articles that respect the history of Venetian crafts, which has made Italy famous all over the world.

Each leather article in OTELLO is a small piece of art that will last decades, capable of withstanding bad weather and daily wear

Otello's work is, and will remain, a unique blend of technical knowledge, creativity, passion, patience, attention to details and a meticulous selection of antique raw materials.

In our creations you will find that each leather, being a natural material, is something unique and unrepeatable itself. The small natural marks on the skin become an essential feature that guarantees the quality of the leather; painstakingly treated with the fine and exclusive work of the hands of our artisans.

Our goal is to provide the highest level of service by attending to the needs of our customers and we strive to exceed their expectations with a personalized and professional style at all times If you have any questions about us or the product, feel free to contact us via our dedicated contact us page!