Otello handbags and shoes are made with natural and unique leathers.
Any tonal variation of the color, minor irregularities, or veins are to be considered natural characteristics of the leather itself and not imperfections.

Your unique handbag will last for decades, and for its good maintenance, we recommend that you take some simple precautions:
✅ Protect it from humidity, avoid contact with liquids, hand cream, hand sanitizer, makeup, and perfume.
✅ If your bag comes in contact with water or any liquid, you should gently pat it dry with a dry, neutral, non-colored absorbent cloth.
✅ Avoid exposure of the bag to direct light and keep it away from direct heat sources
✅ Be careful not to rub your bag on rough or abrasive surfaces, accidental scratches, if light, can be mitigated if gently massaged with a soft, dry cloth.
✅ Do not store the bag in high temperature, humidity, or non-ventilated environments (never store it in a plastic bag).

You can contact us for any inconvenience (stains of oil and/or any kind of stains). We will recommend the best remedy depending on the type of leather.